J S Dunn Books

Reading Group Questions

1. During what time frame does BENDING THE BOYNE take place?
Hint: there is more than one answer.

2. In your opinion, who or what is the narrator of BENDING THE BOYNE ?

3. What cultural, linguistic, and other changes are implied as the story progresses? How do the actions of Boann and Cian influence those changes, or, to what extent is each a victim of "fate"? 

4. Divide into teams and see which team can locate the most puns, the most allusions to "Celtic" mythology, and the most references to Irish literature (Hint: Swift, Yeats, Flann O'Brien, Roddy Doyle, Patrick McCabe, and others), and to popular world culture and "celebrities".

5. For astronomy or physics buffs, what characters resemble a component of our solar system and why? How might the epistemology or concepts of the universe have changed since 2200 BCE? What non-Mediterranean concepts from antiquity might we still carry—and, what might have been lost due to the accretion of Greek and Roman influences?

Readers: To suggest additional questions, please contact the author via email at: Contact Author or through the publisher's website: www.seriouslygoodbooks.net