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Links to Places in Bending the Boyne

Below is a selected list of sites relating to BENDING THE BOYNE that you can browse to learn more about places mentioned in the book.

Brú na Bóinne area maps
Maps and Directions to Brú na Bóinne, on a bend in the River Boyne to the west of Drogheda in Co Louth.
Newgrange/Brú na Bóinne
Many websites explore the majesty of the Boyne mounds. Here is a good example.
Oianleku in Basque lands
The twisting mountain road to get up to this plateau is indescribably bad. The raised fist against the sky can be seen in central mountaintop in the background of photo, looking to the east. To stand at this spot is really awe-inspiring.
Idol Pena Tu, Spain
Also difficult to reach and worth the effort, in Puertas de Vidiago.
The menhirs of Belz
An area of toppled menhirs that is being excavated in France. One of the major interests of the megalithic alignment of Belz is that it is preserved in its original sedimentary environment.
The Morbihan
Good website regarding the Morbihan megaliths, their art and excavations to date.  A web page mentions the abrupt abandonment of these megaliths around 2200 – 2000 BCE.

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