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Links to Artifacts in Bending the Boyne

Below is a selected list of artifact links relating to BENDING THE BOYNE that you can browse to learn more about items mentioned in the book.

The string skirt
The string skirt was used in European cultures for millennia. This replica was found in a Scandinavian bog and dates to the second millennium BCE.
The gold cape
The cape found at Mold in northern Wales dates from the Bronze Age.
Cian's bronze sky disk
See links for various theories about use of the disk as an astronomical clock.
The sky-disk of Nebra
Additional explanation of Sky disk of Nebra.
Gold lunula necklace
The Lunula was a crescent shaped  ornament thought to have been used to fasten cloaks around the neck in the Early Bronze Age.
Enya's jet necklace
Objects made of jet were popular during the Early Bronze Age; however, after this period its use declined.
Taranis’ gold-edged sails
Gold foil sheet with piercings allowing it to be attached to fabric or leather. See link re: Le Petit Mont re: gold foil sheets (the photo might not appear on the web page).
Lir’s boat
This replica is from a “hoard” or group of buried objects dated around 100 BCE. However, the boat’s form may be little changed from Lir and Cian’s travels and variants of it survive to this day along the Atlantic.
Taranis’ plank boat
This is a wonderful website, and if so inclined one can join the trust supporting the efforts of the Dover Boat Museum.
Little Green Men Little Green Men
This skull was found in El Milagro copper mine, Asturias, northern Spain, dating to the third millenium BCE.
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